11th September 2020

You might not know this but I left my corporate job earlier in the year to work for myself, which was a pretty strange thing to do in the middle of a pandemic! I’d been planning it for a long time though and the moment was there so I went with it and I’m so glad I did. 

Anyway, it’s been a funny old year to be starting a business but it was absolutely the right year for me to do it as I am so passionate about helping my clients with their self belief and confidence. I won’t lie though, it is hard to work at home all the time, with no colleagues, and often with no recognition. It can be a little lonely at times. 

So it was a wonderful day on Tuesday when I went into the gorgeous pub near me to receive my five year service award from the company I left during lockdown. Oakman Inns are a truly brilliant organisation who do what they say they will do – so they honoured my service award even though I was in the middle of leaving. What was extra special was the HR Director, my previous boss, reminding me of all the great things I had implemented over my five years and how valuable I had been to the company. Having not had much of that external appreciation for some time I felt a flush of pride to hear that I had been so valued. 

So that was the great thing about my week. How about yours? Try to focus on one great thing that happened to you this week. It will serve as a reminder that there is good everywhere! 

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